Crown Villa

Kansas City, MO

Crown Villa's story began in 2022 when the idea of a downtown soccer club for the Select League emerged. Initially named Downtown & Central Hyde Park, the club's official founding year became 2023 as the decision to base it in the downtown Kansas City area took shape.

Struggling to secure ownership initially, the league took control of the downtown club until suitable ownership was found. Various names were considered, including Downtown & Central Hyde Park, Crossroads Villa, Hyde Park Rangers, Jazz Town, and Crown Villa. Ultimately, Crown Villa prevailed in the vote, paying homage to the iconic Crown Center in downtown Kansas City.

Purple was chosen as the club's main color from the outset, reflecting a regal association. However, the decision-making process continued with a vote on the club crest. Among the entries, the current design and another featuring a crown and a vintage river raft in gold and green were the top contenders. The current logo, featuring the roman numerals for 2023, emerged victorious, solidifying Crown Villa's identity as a downtown powerhouse in the Select League. Shortly after the crest was slightly modified from a lion to a griffin to differentiate from other league clubs featuring a lion in their crests.

It was during these decisions that Crown Villa named its first manager, Craig Michael to coach the first team men's.

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